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The Room Tribute medals (UPDATED)

2010-09-06 13:45:45 by francesco9001

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Here a medal guide of the game The Room Tribute.
I'll explain only how to get them, not the entire plot, and btw I will add further informations as long I will discover new things.

NASTWICH: When your friend ask you a sandwich, make sure to open all the shelves in the kitchen, cut the things and make a nasty sandwich (the sponge of the kitchen , the rat and the blue liquid wich name i cant remember)

THE JOHNNY: he ask for a hot chocolate , medium size ... thats what you have to order to get this medal

BEST FRIEND: beat your friend Mark in the fight at your party. Taunting does not work on him.

READ EVERYTHING : read Denny's diary oll the days.

BUGGED: you have to record all Lisa's phone calls, listen to those and find something intersting 4 times. If you don't do anything you will at least hear one of them, the last.

DESTROYER: when you will become angry smash everything everywhere. Be sure not to throwing the tv outside the window before had smashed really everything in the room.

PAYBACK: kill your boss. Really simple, and you will get this anyway.

PUSHER: while fighting with Mark push him by clicking mouse button quickly.

RAINMAKER: while on rage kill Chris R in the park.

RUNNER: beat Mark on the run not falling on the trunks.

THE ROOM: while on rage, punch the broken wall near Danny's place and go in.

PERFECT DRUG: take down Chris R in 3 rounds; taunting or seducing him make him weaker, and you have to make perfect throws.

QUARTERBACK: make perfect pass everytime.

RECEVER: catch the ball everytime by clicking the red x on time.

THE MACHINE: find all 10 spoons. Here's a list of where to find them (up-to-date):
- On the skeleton in the alley
- On the kitchen table
- In the electronics store on the radio (top left)
- Rock spoon, on the broken bridge on left
- Flower spoon, in the flower showcase, near the jar
-Time spoon, on the Delorean
-Shank spoon, on the jail wall
-Fire Spoon, in the fireplace at mark's love shack

UNSEE: first day in mark's love shack
first day when Danny went Johnny's home, exit and enter to find Danny on the sofa
watch Denny in his home after Chris' round
On Sunday, after playing football at the electronics, return home and follow Mark to his shack
On Monday, after coffee with Mark exit and return in the bar
On Wednesday, after eating the cake exit and return home

Thanks to Erik108 and Gem145

The Room Tribute medals (UPDATED)


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2010-09-06 14:02:11

Nastwich : the sponge of the kitchen , the rat and the blue liquid wich name i cant remember

The Jonny : he ask for a hot chocolate , medium size ... thats what you have to order to get this medal

Unsee : you must see things that are ... weird ... example
first day when you bought a red dress go to marks room and you will find mark with the mother of the bitch in the big bath ... thats something that you shouldnt see ... jhonny will say that
when you let Denny at his home , go and watch for him ... he will be pooping in the bucket ... another weird shit ...
in the last day of the game , when jonny comes out to work , you must return to see the bitch´s mother (wich her name i dont remember) farting on the baloons ... and there is another 3 things that i dont know where to find them


2012-01-31 11:48:07

For whatever reason, I can't unlock Destroyer. I've smashed everything every time, as well as varying the order so the TV is last etc. No luck.


2014-01-22 13:34:40

I found one spoon that isn't in this post, at the Lisa Park hidden in some bushes