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The Room Tribute medals (UPDATED)

2010-09-06 13:45:45 by francesco9001

Play it there

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Here a medal guide of the game The Room Tribute.
I'll explain only how to get them, not the entire plot, and btw I will add further informations as long I will discover new things.

NASTWICH: When your friend ask you a sandwich, make sure to open all the shelves in the kitchen, cut the things and make a nasty sandwich (the sponge of the kitchen , the rat and the blue liquid wich name i cant remember)

THE JOHNNY: he ask for a hot chocolate , medium size ... thats what you have to order to get this medal

BEST FRIEND: beat your friend Mark in the fight at your party. Taunting does not work on him.

READ EVERYTHING : read Denny's diary oll the days.

BUGGED: you have to record all Lisa's phone calls, listen to those and find something intersting 4 times. If you don't do anything you will at least hear one of them, the last.

DESTROYER: when you will become angry smash everything everywhere. Be sure not to throwing the tv outside the window before had smashed really everything in the room.

PAYBACK: kill your boss. Really simple, and you will get this anyway.

PUSHER: while fighting with Mark push him by clicking mouse button quickly.

RAINMAKER: while on rage kill Chris R in the park.

RUNNER: beat Mark on the run not falling on the trunks.

THE ROOM: while on rage, punch the broken wall near Danny's place and go in.

PERFECT DRUG: take down Chris R in 3 rounds; taunting or seducing him make him weaker, and you have to make perfect throws.

QUARTERBACK: make perfect pass everytime.

RECEVER: catch the ball everytime by clicking the red x on time.

THE MACHINE: find all 10 spoons. Here's a list of where to find them (up-to-date):
- On the skeleton in the alley
- On the kitchen table
- In the electronics store on the radio (top left)
- Rock spoon, on the broken bridge on left
- Flower spoon, in the flower showcase, near the jar
-Time spoon, on the Delorean
-Shank spoon, on the jail wall
-Fire Spoon, in the fireplace at mark's love shack

UNSEE: first day in mark's love shack
first day when Danny went Johnny's home, exit and enter to find Danny on the sofa
watch Denny in his home after Chris' round
On Sunday, after playing football at the electronics, return home and follow Mark to his shack
On Monday, after coffee with Mark exit and return in the bar
On Wednesday, after eating the cake exit and return home

Thanks to Erik108 and Gem145

The Room Tribute medals (UPDATED)

Ng persona for Firefox

2010-05-07 13:33:43 by francesco9001

I've made my own Firefox Persona inspired to the NG tank. It's GNU, so everyone can improve it, but it's so f**king awesome that noone shall even touch it.

Just kidding XD.
Anyway when Firefox team will approve it, I will post the link to wear it.

See ya.

Oh, that's not at all spam for Firefox.

In Italian personas means people.
Here it is! Have fun.

Ng persona for Firefox

Colour My Fate medal walkthrough

2010-01-10 15:30:35 by francesco9001

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Play it here

Here's my new medal walkthrough

Find all the christmas balls made of colours

Disable the bot in the color lab by clicking it (once you've got the red ball)

Complete the top of the christmas tree with the star

Click all the sparkly stuff

LOVE-LETTER (secret medal)
After clicked all the coloured sparkles on the fireplace, you will see on his left a moving lever: click it, then go back in the underground and go right. You will enter in a cave where there's a lectern. Click it.

Go right, jump on the scaffold then go left. Take the yellow ball.
Go right and down, again right and click the light. Jump down.
Go left, click on the sparkle on the tent, left again.
Click the lower sparkle on the bridge, then the upper one, and click the yellow sparkle under the bridge o the left. Go left.
Click on the sparkle on the wheel, jump up and go left.
Jump down.
Click the upper sparkle near the big wheel, then the lower. Enter the left door.
Click on the sparkle over you near the right wall, then click the one on the platform. Jump on the tunnel (on, not in), then go left.
Click on the sparkle on the lower lever, jump up.
Click the lever, then jump up again.
Go right and enter the door.
Go left and left again.
Click on the sparkle on the broken scaffold (really high). Jump on the bulldozer and take the blue ball.
Go right and right (did you noticed that I didn't told you to click the two sparkles on the elevator?), pass the door.
Go right, jump down.
Go right, click the sparkle near the ceiling and on the lever near the right wall. Jump down.
Enter the right door.
Click the sparkle on the lever on the right wall. Enter the right tunnel.
Go left.
Take the green ball, and click the sparkle in the middle of the screen. Jump up till the bridge. Go right till the scaffold after the tent. Click the sparkle on it.
Go back on the left, pass the tent, the bridge and the rotating wheel, jump down and enter the tunnel on the left. jump on the platform and then on the tunnel, go left.
Click the blue sparkle on the lever, then go right and click the green sparkle on the lever. Go back and jump up till the sign (the one with the writes and the arrows), jump on the platforms on the right. Go left.
Jump up.
Go right, and click the green sparkle on the floor. Jump on the tree, and enter the door (Sky ship or whatever).
Go left, and click the robot's neck and the hatch with the green sparkle. take the red ball and click on the top corner of the tent at red ball's right, then come back till the tree.
Go at the sign.
Jump down, go right and jump down again.
Enter the tunnel on the left.
Go left.
Click the sparkle, and go left again.
Kill the robot by clicking the red sparkle, and click the sparke over you.
Pass the purple beam (go near it, hit S - down arrow and go left. Don't get hitted by !).
Take the purple ball, and click the sparkle on the rope (right upper corner). Go back till the tunnel (left-left-left), enter it and go left and left again.
You're at the platform with christmas lights. Enter the right tunnel.
Click the purple sparkle near the big wheel and enter the right tunnel.
Jump on till the bridge. Go right.
Click on the rock near the tent (red sparkle). Go right.
Jump on the scaffold.
Go left, and jump on the scaffold.
Go right to the fireplace. Click all the coloured sparkles. There's a moving lever on the left of the fireplace. Click it.
Go left and jump down.
Go right, jump down and right again.
Click the lectern. Go back. Click the green sparkle on the scaffold.
Pass the tent, the bridge, the rotating wheel and jump down.
Enter the tunnel on the left.
Jump on the platform and on the left tunnel, go left.
Jump up till the sign.
Jump up, go left and click the button near the door. Jump up.
Go left.
Click the purple sparkle, and jump on
Click the two sparkles, jump down.
Click the purple button and go right.
Jump down.
Go left.
Click on the sparkle on the pipe, and go left.
Enter the sky train.
Click the blue sparkle on the ground, then the left sparkle then the right one. Take the star and go back.
Go right. pass the sign (do not jump down) and right again.
Go right, click the green sparkle at the bottom of the pole (that's a big tree indeed), then the purple and the yellow sparkle on the tree.
Go right, jump on the elevator and click the two sparkles. If you've clicked the two sparkles before, just go at the tree near the sky ship, and enter the right door.
Click the green and the blue sparkles (BEFORE clicking the top of the tree), then click the top of thre tree. Amen.

Again sorry for the language, I'm improving it. PM for corrections, I'll really appreciate them.

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To unlock all medals, you have to complete all game achievements. I will list them and say when you'll got a medal too.

Finish all levels, and you'll get the medal too

In the menu page, click on Spread the game, then on the Tweeter button (the one with the blue bird, just in case...). Medal too.

Kill 150 little characters on the loading page. If you need to come back to this page, do not close and restard, you'll just need to hit F5. Medal too.

Go in the achievement page after unlocked all other achievements. Medal too.

Go to level select - ATHEISM. Kill the character, then click the replay button. It's over the red writing in the right corner.

Go to level select - EPICROLL. When the numa numa singer will be on screen, click on the white cook hat on the left. It's the easier way, or you can just wait after Obama song (you'll need to see, don't ask) and click quickly the cook before the numa numa singer appears.

This was really hard to discover. Go to level select - ART. Click on that mona. Imagine me clicking on hundreds of mona before finding the right one.

I do apologise if my english is not as good as it should be, but it's Berlusconi's fault because in Italy we do not learn foreign languages at public school.

REPLAYING :the game: Medal Walkthrough

After a brainstorming between me and my brother we finally found a scientific method to get the K medal in OCD+. Here how we did it! It's all about nipples!

How to win the K medal (OCD +)